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Durty Nelly

Durty Nelly


     As many of you know, my personal gun was Durty Nelly.  She’s got one of my Grandpa’s 4 foot long barrels and a patent breech.  She is .370 caliber and eats a .360 ball & patch.  The modified Siler Mountain lock sports my much copied brass tail with my cartouche stamped there on.  The following are a few photos that were once on my original website and were lost when that system failed.  The photos were sent from Dr. Fox, down in Texas, who had copied off the page years ago.  Since several of you asked for me to re-post the photos, here they are.  Please note that Nelly is a working rifle, has had the stock broke a couple of times, and the trigger guard modified from what you see here….and she still shoots like a million dollars!  I’ll post a few new photos later.  Well, mebbe I will and mebbe I won’t.  Nelly has moved to the East Coast area and is being well cared for now.  And YES, I miss’er.  I still love this ol’ gal.


Dirty Nelly-1

Here she is in a left hand view.  The abnormally long curl at the rear of the trigger bow has been surgically altered to a more ascetic appearance!

Dirty Nelly-2

Her lock displaying the much copied brass tail and my cartouche.

Dirty Nelly-3

Her butt with two grease holes and filled with some of Oscar’s original lube left over from the 30s.

Dirty Nelly-4