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Errata Sheets


 1st Edition Rifling Book Errata Sheet

 Please print this following sheet for your own use.

 23 Jan 2006

Regardless, no matter how hard you try, some things still manage to fall through the cracks. It was thought that Al and I had all the bugs out of our book, “A Wooden Iowa Rifling Bench”, as it must have been proof-read a jillion times, but Mike Ebner out to the Pine Ridge 7 Ranch still discovered a couple of those pesky critters! A tip of the hat to him for helping us out. If these errors have caused you any grief, I sincerely apologize.

 In short, the stringer mounting holes in the handle are mis-spaced and do not line up correctly with the stringer holes at the opposite end.

1. Page 24 under TAIL STOCK GUIDE, Para. 1: “Cut a piece of 2X6 board” should read: “Cut a piece of 2X8 board…”.  Also, please change the final dimension of 5-//16″ listed in this paragraph to 6″.  Para. 3: Hole dimension is listed as 1-15/16″ and should read 1-5/8″. 2. Page 26, Para.. 3 & Figure 57: Please change the 3-5/8″ dimension to: 4-3/4″.

  Please note that all 1st edition books purchased after the 23 Jan 06 date will have these amendments included and any other updates that may be required .    

2nd Edition Rifling Book Errata Sheet

24 December, 2008

      Thanks to eagle eyed Bob Patrick for pointing out a typo in the second edition of this book.    I offer the correction here in his own words:  

“On Page 12 on the Basic Cylinder you have it turned to a  CIRCUMFERENCE of 2 3/4”.  I feel, after reading everything that it should be a Diameter of 2 3/4″!        

This typo is in the first 200 copies and all books purchased after 1 January, 2009 are of the new and corrected printing.  I do apologize if this has caused you any problems.