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Modifying a Siler flintlock for a more English appearance


   This page is back at your request.  I am known to prefer Siler locks, but some folks criticize me for putting them on some of my hog rifles.  And these folks are correct!  In it’s normal state of appearance, the Siler is a Germanic style lock and thus inappropriate for the vast majority of the Southern guns.  Those guns had a distinct English flavor to them. 

     The following photographs depict how I modify a small Siler flint lock into a more English appearance.  REGARDLESS, unless you weld up the notch in the frizzen and sculpt it and perhaps draw out the tail of the lock plate, the new shape will still not be quite what you want, but it will be a dern sight better than what you started with!  

Copy of Rounded Pan 1

This  shows the pan, frizzen, and frizzen arm rough rounded from it’s normal hex shape.

Copy of Rounded Pan 2

Another shot from a different angle.  The notch in the frizzen needs welded up. The frizzen toe is rounded, too.

Welded Frizzen - Copy

‘Tis a dirty hand that’s holding the frizzen, but you can tell the notch is welded up.  I have a small Millermatic 90 wire welder that performs this operation rather admirably when set on the lowest of it’s 4 thickness settings.


A new photo #2!  Does this not look much more accurate for an Englishized lock?  The fence has been filed to match the frizzen shape on the corner closest to you.  Click on it to see all the details.

Copy of Rounded Pan 3

The rounded pan with the frizzen open.

Copy of Rounded Pan 4

You lucky dog!  Yet another pan photo for you!  This shows the pan molding after it has been rounded.

Copy of Rounded Spring Screw

I round the feather spring screw head, too.

Copy of Rounded Jaw Screw

This photo is of the modified top jaw screw.  Two sides have been ground flat and a hole drilled for an awl or nail.  (This is used when you don’t have a knife or screwdriver to tighten the rascal up.

Copy of Rounded Jaw & Teeth

Here is the top jaw showing the teeth filed deeper.  It does not show the re-shaping of the jaw to an oval shape.  The shape of the top and lower jaws should be pretty much the same.

Rounded Thumb Piece 1

The reshaped thumb spur.  Teeth have also been filed deeper into the lower jaw.

Rounded Thumb Piece 2

The sides of the spur have been cleaned up and rounded a tad.  The jaw has been narrowed somewhat from the oval Germanic shape.  Thee sides can be narrowed  closer to the top jaw rest if you desire.  This can require a smaller flint to be used.

Copy of Rounded Cock & Screw

Here is the assembled cock.  Don’t look too bad, eh?  The Cock screw has been rounded and the goose neck has given way to the later pigeon breasted shape.  All this work can be done with a torch, hammer, and files in about two hours.  Polishing the parts will require a bit more time and elbow grease.