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Rifling DVD

“A Wooden Iowa Rifling Bench”

Copyrighted 2004

NOTE:  The book is SOLD OUT, but the APV companion DVD on rifling by hand is still available while supplies last.  See DVD segment below.


          Guys, this is the end of the trail.  I’m retired and this book is not being reprinted.  3000 copies was a good run and people all over the world are using this book to rifle barrels by hand.  Germany, Denmark, Italy, Norway, France, Taiwan, Portugal, Macedonia, Austria, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Japan, India, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa, New Zealand, Guam, Spain, Philippines, Belgium, and all 50 States.  I’ll leave this page up for reference just in case you find a used copy or just want to look it over.

This 2nd Edition was revised & expanded and is the method used in American Pioneer’s DVD featuring yours truly.  You can also see this rifler in use by Frank House in the Kentucky Rifle segment of an American Rifleman Television program.  It was used to rifle the now famous all hand made “House Brothers Project” rifle donated to the Contemporary Longrifle Association as a fund raiser.

58 minutes was my old record for rifling a 32″ barrel.  Me an’ Dan’s got’er down to 47 minutes!!  Can you beat that?

                 Beware of possible counterfeit copies of this little book, complete with forged autographs and spurious serial numbers!   They’re sold out West on the Internet.



Barrel  Reaming, & Rifling DVD




Gents, here’s your chance to get a copy of the APV production of Mike Miller an’ me reaming and rifling a barrel with my wooden tools.   In a hair over a half hour, you’ll see one method of how we go about doing it here at Toad Hall Rifleshop.  That rascally, ex-Marine helicopter pilot, Jim Wright, even  snuck in some footage of me screwing up at the end!  This DVD was made to go along with our book on rifling, A Wooden Iowa Rifling Bench, now in it’s expanded Second Edition.  [Man, is my head gittin’ big!  Now that I’m wunna them suave movie stars, how’m I ever gonna fight off th’ likes of Paris, Britney, an’ Madonna?  Ol’ Toad Hall’ll never be th’ same!]

Git’em while they’re hot!!

      This video was filmed at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green by James Wright.  I’ve included a link to American Pioneer Video in the LINKS section.  You will find several additional photographs of the filming session, plus many other fine instructional movies available.  Tell Jim & Karen I sent you.


Jim Wright, visionary, gun builder, and CEO  of American Pioneer Video and Mike Miller tend the bore of the barrel which is to be .48 caliber.


Here I’m cranking the wheel on the ol’ Toad Hall drill/reamer and Mikes’ supplying the muscle power to propel the barrel.


Close cropping courtesy of Werner Hanauska of Vienna, Austria

Since you’re now pretty familiar with Mike’s fanny perpendicular, here’s a close up of his FRONT side.  (Almost as good lookin’ as me, eh?)  Here he’s pushing the barrel very slowly into the drill bit.  Mike is one of America’s finer rifle makers and one swell person.  Glad I had the opportunity to work with him and sample his humble personality.  An’ you can bet your buttons that I wish I had his talents with wood and knife.

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Companion American Pioneer Video DVD is still available for a short while.  Each copy is $20 plus postage.  Add $6.80 for Priority Mail!

Credit cards/debit cards/gift cards are not accepted for payment.  Iowans must add 7% Iowa sales & option taxes to the amount.  Make out and send payment to:

 Steve Bookout

 1600 W. 14th St. S.

 Newton, Iowa 50208

Canadians only:  What is this world coming to?  As of 20 January, 2017, Postage has increased dramatically.  1st Class postage to Canada for one DVD will now requires you to add $6 to the normal $20 cost, US funds.

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