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“Seeing Through The Eyes of Yesterday:


The Kentucky Rifle and the Golden


     The long and the short of it is this:  This book humbles me.  I feel it’s a must for all serious students and builders of the American long rifle.  My old friend, the late Patrick Hallam, spent several years studying to put this labor of love together and the end result is destined to become a classic.

   As Mrs. Hallam so aptly states it, “Actually Pat’s book shows builders how to design a rifle that has proportions and good design of an original.  Yes, poor design is poor design, but Pat’s book shows you how to avoid design errors and teaches today’s builders how to incorporate the early maker’s techniques into their rifles.”

     I have great respect for this book and most everything I know of the Golden Mean, as it relates to rifle building, was gleaned from what’s inside Patrick’s book.  I whole-heartily encourage you to do yourself a favor and get a copy.  It’s awesome! If you are interested in obtaining your own copy, please contact:

Mrs. Sue Hallam

1540 Kastor Road

Shiloh, Ohio 44878

The current price is $40, plus $6.50 for shipping and handling.