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Rifling–My Style!

Rifling My Style!

Copy of New Rifler 2

Over the years, I have received numerous inquiries about how I rifle a barrel.  Here is a one minute video of the fatman rifling a short barrel on Number 2, my small rifler, mounted on a work bench.  This hand-made Seabolt pattern based wooden rifling bench will cut rifling in barrels up to 28″ long.  My riflers like “Ol’ No. 1” and No. 3 or “Tobacco Juice Annie”, will accommodate barrels up to 48 & 49″ in length.  I’ve rifled some 100+ barrels in my time and only ruined one when the cutter head disintegrated unexpectedly.  Kinda ruined my afternoon!

         Now, when I rifle one of my 4 footers, a little over 3 miles of iron gets removed by the time we’re finished.  I apologize for the poor quality of the video, but hell’s bells, I’m a gunsmith an’ not a Hollywood movie producer!  Now, if yer web browser supports video, “Click” your mouse on “Rifling” down below and be prepared to wait a bit as this puppy takes a while to load up.  Let me know what you think.

Here are a few photos of a rifler head under construction and the fat man’s alter-ego: the infamous

“Kommandar Rifler”!


Das Kommandar   

Al took this photo of the barrel aimed at my back to try and get the rifling grooves to become visible.

Turning A Rifling Guide Or Worm Blank 

Here I am turning a worm down for a customer.  The surgical mask keeps the chips and dust outta my nose real well, but dang it all, it shore plays havoc with me tryin’ to chew some Red Man!!

Here you can get an idea of how long this worm is.  It’s being shaped from a fir 4X4 that has “normalized” in my shop for several weeks to reduce warpage, cracking, and splitting.  If you look close, you can see where Hoot Al ‘n me stretched the lathe out to accommodate such long worms.


Here’s a “before an’ after” shot.

These show you my latest high-tech gauges used to insure there has been enough wood removed.  There are 3 gauges needed, as well as some sand paper, plus Dan Land’s Diet-Rite cola.

Look at the mess on the floor!  It’s over 5 inches deep and all over the shop.  This turning guide blanks is sure messy business.  Guess I need to get Hoot al over here and help clean the place up.

This is the finished blank after rough sanding.  It takes about 4 hours to turn one out.  This is the worm that is shown in the book and it can be made to most any length.  It will handle 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 grooves. You could even do a gain-twist or, have a worm with TWO rifling styles on it!