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Southern Album

Original Southern Mountain Rifle


     Gentlemen, there’s many novices who just don’t know what an original Appalachian, East Tennessee, Southern Mountain, bear or hog rifle really looks like.  Unfortunately, they git a hold of a catalog, buy up all th’ cast iron parts listed, slap’em together, an’ then tell everone they built an “EXACT” replica of Joe Hillbilly’s squirrel rifle.  Yeesss, indeedy!  They saw the picture inna catalog and now they have a real McCoy in their hands………….SO…..I’m offering these photographs from my personal collection for their education AND your enjoyment.  I’ll swap’em out ever once in a while.  CAVEAT: Some of these photos are intended for use in a book later on and just might be copyrighted.  If you want to use’em on your website an’ don’t have th’ balls to ask permission…..don’t.

      Series 20 of this album displays 5 photos of one of Hacker Martin’s pistols.  Unfortunately, I lost the records of who sent the following pictures when I lost my computer a while back.  

 Hacker Rifles 1969  - Copy

Brother Hacker Martin at his rifling bench – 1969.

UnknownOne very nice maple stocked and inlayed pistol.

Unknown-4His name’s on the barrel and the rear sight has been sculpted.

Unknown-3Very nice butt cap, don’t you think?


The side plate side to view.

Unknown-2A second view of the lock side of the gun.  The lock on this pistol has a lot in common with my lock shown below.  Hacker knew how to make a lock and then some.

HM Lock FrontThe lock on my rifle.