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Southern Rifles DVD

Southern Rifles: Plain and Fancy

      Gentlemen, listen up.  I ain’t sellin’ this DVD, but about 20 years ago (before I had white hair) I ran across a little VHS video in a blacksmithing supply catalog that really caught my eye.  Original Southern rifles was the topic, a rare subject for the times.  They being considered, then as now, the ugly and less desirable sister of the famed “Kentucky-Pennsylvania rifle”.  I don’t hang out with that crowd, so being rather fond of those old, iron mounted guns, it was ordered right away.  When it arrived the video wasn’t no Hollywood production, but what I saw amazed me.  The quantity and the variance of the rifles shown and discussed were simply overwhelming.  Details that I had  never considered and styles I had never seen were featured.  The collection was presented by the knowledgeable Ray McKnight, out Tucson way.  Ray told me that my late mentor, Robin Hale, gave him a little assistance identifying some of these wonderful guns that he PROUDLY shares with you.  Like I said, this ain’t no Hollywood epic, but it sure as shootin’ deserves an Oscar in my book. 

     Luckily, the out of print video has been re-released in DVD format and you can once again obtain this treasure trove of Southern uniqueness.    I personally recommend this film if you’re any kind of Southern rifle lover, student of, or builder of the same.  Ray’s laid back and slow going narrative allows you to quickly download a mass of almost unknown and forgotten knowledge into that thick skull of yer’s, so rest easy, git you a copy, and then set back and enjoy.  Hell.  Don’t take my word fer it.  Ask Ken Guy!

Buy Southern Rifles: Plain and Fancy if you can relate to any of the following:

You want unusual Southern feature details?  You got’em!

You want close-ups?  You got’em!

You want interesting facts and a little history?  You got’em!

You obtain your copy directly from Ray.  Please contact him at:

R. A. McKnight

1802 South Camino Seco

Tucson, Arizona 85710

Twenty bucks and $5 postage is cheap, pard.  ‘Nuff said!