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You are probably already familiar with my good friend and superb craftsman, Runar Stava.  He is one swell guy that lives on an island of Norway and makes some of the most beautiful firearms that I’ve seen.  He has sent several photos of the rifling bench that he made (and one of his reamer as well) to share with you.  (I gotta share a photo of one of his pistols, too.) He couldn’t find a corn sheller wheel to operate the reamer with, so he made his own.  Wait until you see this beauty! One of these days, I’m going to have to make a trip across the pond, just to drool over all his goodies and make a general nuisance of myself. First, here’s a few paragraphs in English and Norwegian that he wrote to tell you a little about himself.


     I’m a man from Norway, and was born in 1953. I worked in the industry as a mechanic, and am now on early retirement. My hobby is a gunsmith.  I’m a gun collector and also a shooter.  I restore private guns for myself and sometimes for friends. I shoot modern and black powder guns, both original and replicas. To build a replica like the Danish/Norwegian 1772 cavalry pistol from scratch is an extreme amount of work, but it is fun when people show their interest in gun history/restoration and so on.  The replica has a birch stock with brass mountings. All steel parts except barrel and springs, are mild steels that are case hardened.  The barrel is drilled up to cal. .69 (17 mm) from a worn out Browning .50 cal. military barrel. On Øyvind Flatnes website,, can you find additional restoration projects of mine.


Jeg er en nordmann 1953 modell førtidspensjonert industrimekaniker, som holder på med hobbybørsemaking. Er skytter og våpensamler. Reparerer private våpen og litt for kamerater. Skyter med moderne og svartkruttvåpen originale og kopier. Å bygge en slik kopi som denne Dansk/Norske 1772 rytterpistolen fra bunn av, er ekstremt mye arbeid. Men det er moro når andre viser interesse og kanskje vil være med på og ta vare på den våpentekniske historien. Kopien har bjørkestokk med messingbeslag. Alle ståldeler utenom løp og fjærer er av konstuksjonsstål som er settherdet. Løpet er lagd av et kassert 12,7mm Browning mitr løp boret opp til kal 69(17mm) På Øyvind Flatnes sin webside,  har jeg en del restaureringsprosjekt.


Here the bench is well underway.

The driving wheel under construction,  Notice that he has used rerod for the spokes? Clever and inexpensive.


Check out the finished wheel! Simply beautiful.


Turning the worm blank.


Propaganda photo for my benefit.  Hell, it worked!


Making certain the worm fits well.


That’s Runar on the left. He and his partner have just successfully finished reaming a barrel.


Here’s what it’s all about, gentlemen.  Look at the teeth in that bore!  WOW!!  Looks about perfect to me. Guess that little Norwegian rifler must work pretty good, eh?  Great job, Runar!




Brother Ken Guy from Signal Mountain, TN has made a pistol barrel sized rifler for himself.  It provided a great opportunity to get some building experience under his belt before tackling a much larger one that will handle 48 inch barrels.  He’ll tell you that if he could do it, anyone can.  Looks good to me, Ken.




 Here is a Joseph Seabolt style rifling bench. It’s a pretty good design overall.  He wrote a small book about how to build this a few years ago and Dixie sells copies of it.  Add it to your library.  This little rifler has over 90 half-stock barrels under it’s belt and still goin’ strong!